Help Me Think of a New Tagline! Prizes!

So, my current tagline “Sexy, funny, smart romance” is nice, but it’s a bit . . . boring. When I ordered some swag last week, I didn’t use a tagline at all, instead focusing on Return to Sender’s theme of receiving naughty mail with some great “Got Naughty Mail?” swag.

But I’d like something similarly catchy for my homepage. I’ve been kicking around a few ideas, but I’m not the best at little one liners. Here’s my brainstorming list, but feel free to chime in with others. I’ll select one commentor at random to get a swag pack with Got Naughty Mail? goodies. (Your “naughty” mail will arrive in a plain brown envelope and has nothing *too* scandalous in it.) And since it’s Halloween season, you can bet I’ll toss in a few other goodies to.

Here’s my current ideas:
1. Got Naughty Books?
2. Different pairings, same happy endings
3. Erotic Romance for Discerning Prudes
4. Smart readers, sexy books
5. The lighter side of erotic romance
6. ????????????

Thoughts? Votes? Like the current one best? Think taglines are silly?

6 thoughts on “Help Me Think of a New Tagline! Prizes!”

  1. I liked #3… That one made me chuckle…

    Or you could try:

    The Wild & The Wickedly Dished (or Delivered)

    Or Something like that…


    1. It sucks that I am actually pretty good at blurbing and taglining for *others* but for myself I keep coming up with such brilliance as “Naughty books without the dirty looks” and “Naughty Books, Sweet Endings” and . . . just shoot me now 😛

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