Friday Reads: My Fair Dork by Daisy Harris

It’s here! I stayed awake last night to be able to purchase Daisy Harris’s newest MY FAIR DORK:

Most of my twitter followers know that I love Daisy like sushi loves rice and that I beta read for her. I’ve been beta reading her since Holsum #1, College Boys. I got to watch the series wind its way through the lives of SIXTEEN of the hottest, sweetest college boys ever. And I got to watch as Daisy’s writing evolved.

I knew as soon as I read the opening paragraphs of My Fair Dork that she was onto something very special. The entire series is made of awesome, but this book–Owen and Harold and their journey is like the best gay college movie ever, made even better by an x-rating.

It’s a classic makeover theme–Harold is a giant nerd with bad haircut and worse clothes and painful secrets. Owen is Mr. Popularity and takes it upon himself to rescue Harold. Harold is all hung up on  . . . size issues. And this leads to pretty much the hottest scenes of the whole darn series. I kept forgetting I was supposed to be reading to leave some sort of feedback other than “God. Damn. My eyebrows burnt clean off. Good Lord.”  And it’s definitely the funniest book of the series as the size issue leads to some great one-liners.

I’m the sort of reader who HAS to read books in order. That’s the just how I roll. But Dork does stand pretty well on its own. The couple from Genius and Jock  do show up as do some other series’ regulars, but you could easily read this without reading the rest of the series, or just start with Jock. You won’t regret reading the whole series though! And if you do, Dork is pretty much the perfect capstone.

I realized last night that I was a bit weepy–kind of like a ridiculously proud parent on graduation day. Happy Release Day, my friend!

P.S. The book is out now on Siren. Want a reminder to buy it when it goes on sale at other vendors? Add it to your goodreads!

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    1. I love this series so much. I wanted to do a longer Goodreads review, but I’m so far from unbiased, I didn’t want to get dinged for my gushing 😛

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