#ROW80 check-in

So last week was a flurry of release-day stuff, but I did get some writing down. Here’s how I’m coming on my specific goals:

  1. Finish my WIP: Check! I got a little under 5k words last week. I’d like to double that this week since I should have less promo distracting me.
  2. Open my WIP everyday and spend at least 15 minutes with it. This is it. That’s the key for me: Check. There were a number of days of tiny word counts, but accomplished.
  3. Do at least one thing related to promo everyday: Check. Last week was promo heavy, but I arranged for guest blogs, bought ads, got swag, and sent out some review copies. I think the Vista Print groupon is still on if anyone else is looking for cheap swag! I’m also looking forward to my moo.com order.
  4. Aim for one round of #1k1hr OR 1k words a day,  4 days of the week.  I got a little under 5k last week, but I didn’t have enough 1k days. Back at it this week.
  5. Get something out on submission.  I haven’t heard back on the submission I do have out, but I’m considering whether or not to do the special Carina Press call.

How are you doing on your goals?

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 check-in”

  1. First off, I absolutely love your WP theme. Bingo. Showing up is half the battle. Great job on your goals this week. Hopefully the sub you have out will come back accepted. I would totally go for the Carina call, even if you have something out already. There’s nothing to lose if you try. Have a great week 🙂

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