Summer Updates 2021

Another big round of site updates and upcoming release news! I’m now on a faster, more reliable webhosting plan, which should make for a faster loading site for you! I had a ton of new covers to update! All of the Rainbow Cove books have new covers, including HOPE ON THE ROCKS, which is releasing August 5th! The first three books look pretty spiffy too! The new covers are also in paperback! RESILIENT HEART and WINNING BRACKET also got new covers. Same fan-favorite stories, but some updated, fun new looks! In COMING SOON I have HOPE ON THE ROCKS, which is a super-sexy stand-alone romance between a bartender and a small town doctor. Then in September, a fun new military series is releasing starting with SAILOR PROOF, a brother’s best friend fake dating fun and sexy romp. Want a signed paperback copy? Follow this link! I’ve already had FOUR 2021 releases–Cup of Joe, Featherbed, Up in Smoke and Out of Character–so make sure you check out all my recent releases as well! A huge thank you to Jan’s Paperbacks in Beaverton, OR for handling the OUT OF CHARACTER signed copies. Bookstore Romance Day is coming in August and I looking forward to supporting all the great small bookstores that have been so kind to me and my books!

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