Six Sentence Sunday–Meet Kyle & Bohdan

I missed the deadline to do the official six sentence Sunday, but I thought I’d share the opening of Swimming the Distance from the Going for Gold anthology which comes out on August 31st from MLR.

“So you’re straight now, is that it?” Kyle tried to keep his eyes on the road and his mind off the raw hurt eating away at his stomach lining. He’d memorized Bohdan’s answers to “25 Questions for 25 Hot Olympians,” but now he needed to get the facts from the source. He flipped on his blinker and merged the car into the I-93 traffic.

“Don’t start.” Bohdan looked out at the Boston skyline, eyes hidden behind mirrored sunglasses and everything else locked down behind the firm set of his jaw and don’t-mess-with-me attitude.

Be sure to check out the other Six Sentence Sunday entries or follow along on twitter #sixsunday. I’m setting a reminder to join the official list next Sunday.

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