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So, the lovely Marie Sexton tagged my awesome critique partner, Daisy Harris, who tagged me for a fun game. The deal is, you describe your fantasy book boyfriend, and then name other authors and invite them to do the same. I don’t have a “type” precisely–I’m an equal opportunity man appreciator of everything from nerds to cowboys and beta heroes to alpha doms. But if I get to order one up . . .

Here are the questions:

Hair color and style: Right now, I have a blonde hero, a dark haired hero, and a bald-by-choice hero waiting in the wings. Clearly, I’m not too picky, but as I get older, bald-by-choice and closely cropped hair is really growing on me.

Eye color and facial features: I like a hard face. Manly jaw. Scars are awesome. Stubble is nice but so is fresh-from-the razor. The ability to grow scruff though? Necessary. On the right guy, I can totally dig an eyebrow ring or facial piercing, but most of the time I’m just looking for the right combination of rugged and sensitive. I like unusual eye colors like green and grey.

Height and body type: I’ve written heroes of a variety of heights and builds, but as a matter of personal taste I like tall men. Not like NBA player tall, but a nice 6’3″ & built man? Awesome. But I’ve also got a thing for average height men with solid bodies. I don’t need a lives-in-the-gym dude, but I do like a guy with some heft. And fuzz. I like men with a little body hair on them.

Visible age: I’m currently writing two heroes in their early 20s, so you know I like younger eye candy too, but as a matter of personal taste, I like older guys. I’m married to a guy 7 years older than me, and I’ve always had a soft spot for the May-Dec. dynamic. Bruce Willis & Hugh Laurie? Yes, please. 

Bangability? Kinky? Bi? Etc?: Adventurousness appreciated 😉 I like a dude who looks like he loves to get dirty, but who also looks like he’d make you breakfast the next day too. Ed Norton, step right this way. I love to write virgin heroes, but I’m thinking my dream book boyfriend has some experience to back up his enthusiasm.

Interests: Must read. I don’t care what–fiction, non-fiction, news, magazines, online zines, old-fashioned journals–but he’s got to be literate. If I can’t forward him random articles, he’s useless to me 🙂 Kindness, honesty, and a sense of humor are priceless. I give high bonus points for handyman abilities, but geeky skills are also great.

Human or Alien or Shifter?: Human. I’ll read others, but my book boyfriend is definitely human.

Paranormal skills: Ability to disappear during Downton? Ability to change baby diapers at the snap of a finger? Freakishly agile large hands?

Natural habitat: I like men with hands-on jobs. Carpentry shops, forests, firehouses, fixer-upper houses, military bases and hospitals are all prime gathering spots for my kind of men. But I’ll always have a soft spot for my computer geeks too.

Special skills: I tend to like my guys more human than superhero, but ability to fix things that break is great. Nothing sexier than a man who can strip . . . wallpaper. Or a guy with the endurance to chase toddlers AND keep you up all night.

And the obligatory Man Candy is John Quinlan, who I discovered via Cassandra Carr, and he has a lot of free stock images. And he pretty much fits my entire list, including reading:

Next up?

I hate tagging people! Daisy already got Brien Michaels and Cassandra Carr. I’ll tag Emma Lai, Erin Satie, and Edie Danford. And anyone else who wants to play! Please share!

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