Book Review: Love Games by M. Jules Aedin

My CP Edie Danford and I were both in a mood for angst last week, and I told her about M. Jules Aedin’s Paper Planes. Which, of course, made me need to re-read it. I love how Aedin takes so many elements of angst in Paper planes–Amputee hero, grief-stricken heroes, dead boyfriends, 13 year age gap, and long-distance relationship and makes them all work together in concert where no one element overshadows the others–it’s not an amputee hero book any more than it’s a long-distance book or a second-chance-at-love book.

And of course, re-Reading Paper Planes made me need to go buy Love Games post haste as I loved the brief mention of threesome loving rocker Keith and his actor boyfriend Adam. If you want addictive, hot smexy scenes with deep angst and a little kink, this is the book for you. And if you read it, I desperately want to know as this is one of those books that begs for deep discussion on everything from Keith’s issues to the ending to Sebastian’s future.

And now, of course, I need more angst to feed my addiction. What have you read lately that took you on an emotional roller coaster?

LovegamesLovegames by M. Jules Aedin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars. This is an addictive book. It’s Aedin’s sexiest book yet, and it is HAWT. I’m not a big menage reader, but it truly works here. Adam, Keith, and Sebastian are deep, real characters and their dynamic absolutely works. Despite being a meaty length, the ending felt a tad rushed, with a more HFN ending. I’m hoping like crazy she has a sequel planned as I want more Seb, Keith, and Adam. NOTE: Listen to the Loose Id warning on dubious consent–there is a scene very late in the book that might raise your hackles if that’s a very sensitive area for you. It all works out in the end, but I could see some readers having issues with it. However, Aedin’s realistic treatment of Keith’s issues is amazingly well-done.

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