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Scorching Book reviews wants to know what book related thing we’d like for Christmas–be sure to check out the variety of things other authors are asking for in the link at the bottom of the post.

I submitted #ChristmasCamper to my agent a few weeks ago and jokingly told her that all I want for Christmas is a book deal in the new year, but I’ll set aside my rather self-serving wants for now.

Instead, I want to focus on what I want for christmas as a reader. Of course, first and foremost I want Hermoine’s magic clock so that I can read twice as much. But what stories do I want to see more of in 2015?

  • More characters of differing ability levels. I can’t wait for Heidi Cullinan’s Carry the Ocean with its hero who is on the autism spectrum, and I hope it leads to a trend towards more books with differently abled heroes and heroines.
  • More diversity–this is the buzz word on everyone’s lips right now with the #weneeddiversebooks meme gaining significant traction in social media. I want to see readers buying these books. Talking about them. Sharing them with friends. And specifically I want to see some under-represented areas–more Asian heroes, particularly alpha-ish ones, more Native American characters , and more characters who take us to unusual places like the Pacific Islands and Mongolia.
  • More life-altering relationships including BDSM. KA Mitchell’s Bad Behavior sparked a desire in me for more books like that where the sex is a transformative force in the character’s life. I hope she keeps writing in the Bad in Baltimore universe, and I’d love to see other books along those lines. Beach and Tai’s journey has me hungry for more well-done D/s.
  • More may/december. With all the buzz and focus on new adult recently, I’ve been seeing fewer age difference romances and that’s a darn shame. It’s probably my favorite trope and I hope it’s not one that’s dying off.
  • More American Historical–Regency is still going strong and there’s a recent upswing in turn-of-the-century romances and some WWI and WWII romances, but I dearly miss American historicals, and would love 2015 to be the year the pioneer love stories return. Really want to make my year? Someone write me a m/m 1800s America set story. Lisa Henry’s Sweetwater showed it’s possible, but I’m greedy and want lots more like this. I’d read the heck out of a sexy, well-done pioneer series either m/f or m/m.
  • More sports romances beyond Baseball and Hockey. No offense to those sports, but can someone PLEASE write me a basketball romance series? Keira Andrews and Leta Blake’s figure skater books whetted my appetite for more winter sports, and I’d love to see more unusual sports getting some attention.
  • More holiday stories beyond Christmas. I adore Dev Bentham’s Jewish Holiday series and really liked Astrid Amara’s hanukkah story, Sweet & Sour. I’d love to see more holidays and cultures getting celebrated. Fourth of July, New Year’s, and Halloween and other secular holidays also need some love stories!
  • More comedy! There’s a definite trend towards darker books and more angst and as a reader, I love the angst but I’m also missing the madcap romantic comedies and zany opposites-attract stories from a few years ago.

What do you want to see more of in 2015? Know any books that fit my request list that I should add to my TBR pile? Planning to write any like that? I’ll cheer you on! Share in the comments!

3 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas–Scorching Reviews Blog Hop”

  1. Actually, I’d be thrilled to see more hockey books, since m/m hockey finally seemed to come into its own in 2014. (I assume you’ve read Teegan Loy’s THE MAGIC BROOM, about curling? I think it was my favorite of 2013.) I definitely agree with you in general, especially regarding diversity and comedy in m/m!

  2. I’m not really into May/December books in the m/m genre. I don’t have all the titles on remembered since I read such a high volume of books in a week but I just recently finished reading Vicktor Alexander’s A Groom of Convenience (had an age gap of about 20 yrs between the characters I think, it’s a historical regency book set in an alternative universe so I guess you can say it’s sci-fi-ish?). Also you can try Teach Me by Sloan Johnson (age gap between characters is 15 yrs) If you haven’t read it Amy Lane’s The Locker Room has a basketball theme(ish) storyline. The focus isn’t really basketball but it’s kind of present. A short Fourth of July read try Fireworks and also I’ll Be Home by William Cooper. Well I think that’s enough from me, lol. I hope I helped a little.

  3. Is it still May/December when the female lead is older? 🙂 I’d love to see more stories with mature women who are not all widowed with children.

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