When Kyle Met Bohdan

Curious about how the couple in my short Swimming the Distance in the anthology Going for Gold met? I was too! Enjoy this little flashback! If you haven’t read Swimming the Distance yet, you can get plenty more Kyle and Bohdan here.

When Kyle Met Bohdan

Three years ago . . . 

“My bad.” Kyle blinked up at the mountain of muscle he’d run into.

“Not a problem.” Mr. Muscles smiled slowly, looking Kyle over with hungry blue eyes that made Kyle willing to drop to his knees right there. Dude was hot. Dangerously, Hollywood action-star hot. Ripped, but not bulky, with impossibly wide shoulders and a narrow waist showed off by his tight blue t-shirt and jeans. Nothing flashy, but the man’s smile made Kyle’s stomach flip and dick pulse. “You looked good out there.”

“Want to join me?” Kyle had been in desperate need of some water, but no way was he missing the chance to rub up against over six feet of chiseled muscles.

“I suck at dancing.” The guy scratched his ear and shuffled his feet.

“Yeah? What else you suck at?” Kyle grabbed the guy’s hands and pulled him onto the floor. His shyness was endearing and made Kyle bolder than he usually was.

“Plenty.” Heat flared the man’s eyes. Kyle moved against the man, not grinding yet, but the brush of denim and hint of hard thigh was enough to make Kyle’s dick stiffen. “You got a name?”

Kyle grinned up at him. Most guys here didn’t exactly require names. “Kyle Christopher.”

“Bo.” He pulled Kyle against him, and Kyle slid his leg between Bo’s, working out the height difference to get their pelvises in line. Bo bit his lip and seemed to think about something. “Bohdan.”

Kyle’s smile stretched face, irrational little champagne bubbles of happiness tickling his chest that he merited a real first name instead of some silly bar nickname. Bohdan had been right—he had no rhythm and no moves, but Kyle didn’t let that stop him from grinding against Bohdan. He responded by shoving his hands in Kyle’s back pockets, squeezing his ass and dragging him against what felt like an impressive cock.

“I’ve got a room at the Westin around the corner.” Bohdan’s voice was huskier now, with a rough edge that made Kyle’s dick ache. For all Kyle knew, dude could be a serial killer. But when Bohdan sucked the top of Kyle’s ear into his mouth and flicked his tongue around the shell, Kyle’s logical brain officially went off-duty for the night.

“Let me tell my friends I’m leaving.”

©Annabeth Albert 2012.

Going for GoldWhen denial turns to deception, love may not be enough to keep Kyle and Bohdan’s relationship afloat. Hours before leaving for the Olympics, Kyle Christopher discovers that his long-time boyfriend, an Olympic long distance swimmer, has done an interview where he denied being gay. Despite sharing a home and a dog with Kyle, three-time Olympian Bohdan Petrov  isn’t ready to come out publicly. After Bohdan’s lies start stacking up, Kyle’s not sure he can keep waiting quietly in the shadows. When their estrangement takes a toll on Bohdan’s performance, both must decide where their priorities lay once and for all.



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