TREBLE MAKER–Deleted Shower Scene

This scene was originally scheduled to occur after the first sex scene and after the rehearsal scenes where Embellish is first working on its number using Lucas’s talents for the first times. Like a lot of early scenes, this one ended up on the cutting room floor.


Lucas’s legs burned from the run Cody had forced on him. He’d wolfed down dinner at the craft services table, but he was already hungry again. It had been a long, sucky day and tomorrow promised to be even worse.

“Damn. I need a shower.” Cody was right behind him as they unlocked the door. Funny how that kept happening. And heck if Lucas didn’t react every time.

“Me too. Tell me this crap washes out easy.” He tugged at his stiff hair.

“Easier than cum.” Cody shoved him against the wall by the bathroom of their room.

“You’d know.” Lucas’s face heated, and he looked at the floor. “You can go first.”

“Uh huh.” Cody kept walking Lucas backwards into the bathroom. “That’s one option.”

Pinning Lucas in by the sink, Cody stripped off his t-shirt. He grinned at Lucas. “There are others.”

Cody turned the shower on before shoving his shorts down. Lucas had changed for running in the room while Cody had changed at the gym’s locker room, so he’d missed the chance to see Cody naked again. Damn.  At first, he’d almost been too nervous to look last night, but it had been impossible to look away. Even like this Cody radiated the same charisma he had on stage.

And his body was perfect. Like porn-star, straight-out-Lucas’s-wet-dreams perfect. His chest was almost hairless, but the thicker trail on his stomach led to a closely cropped patch of hair surrounding his long cock. Curved with a plump, cut head that made Lucas’s mouth water. Cody was already hard and Lucas wanted to taste him—taste the sweat and musk and find out what it felt like to have a dick sliding over his tongue. He wanted to get on his knees …

He made a sound without meaning to.

Cody laughed. He reached out and pushed Lucas’s shirt up. His hands were warm and sent electric zings up Lucas’s spine. Not bothering to protest, Lucas helped him tug the shirt over his head.

“You coming?” Releasing him, Cody climbed in the shower. “Or you want me to forbid you? Make you beg to join me?”

“Uh.” Lucas swallowed hard.  It’s just a game to him. But it still felt like Cody had found Lucas’s stash of fantasies and taken copious notes. This was better than anything his imagination could come up with.

“What are we doing?” He struggled to find a rope he could cling to in the churning sea of sexy possibilities. It’s just a game. He wanted to go along with it, but the terrible-wonderful sensation of being carried along by whatever Cody had in mind had him feeling a bit trapped in his wake, about to be swamped by a wave.

“Not sure what you’re doing. But I’m totally down with live porn, the wet and wild version.” Cody gave his dick a long pull. “And interactive if you get over here. But you figure yourself out. It’s been a fuck-tastic day and I’m gonna get off either way.”

Lucas laughed, some of his tension leaving.

“What?” Cody bent his head, still stroking his dick.

“You have more creative uses of fuck than I’ve ever heard.”

“Yeah? How about you let me show you?” Cody leered at him, a clear invitation in his eyes.

“The word.” Lucas blushed. “Growing up whenever we’d use bad language, my mom would always say ‘don’t you know a more original word than that?’ And then she’d make us copy pages from the thesaurus.”

“That explains your freaky old-lady vocabulary.” Cody shrugged. “I still like fuck. Thesaurus can’t find anything more fun than fucking.” He ducked and put his head under the spray.

Before he could over-think it, Lucas pushed his pants off and climbed in. He wanted this. He wanted it more than the snack he’d promised himself, more than sleep, more than the moral highroad he kept clinging to. More than air. He grabbed the soap, needing to touch Cody.

But Cody beat him to it, plucking the soap from his grasp. He soaped his own chest, making his nipple ring dance and rivers of bubbles run down his torso. He didn’t make much of a move to let Lucas share the spray, but he didn’t care about that—the spectacle was more than enough. Their bodies brushed, and Lucas was acutely aware that their dicks were mere inches apart from each other.

“I’m sorry. Did you want to help?” Cody’s voice was indifferent, but his eyes were sharp and piercing as he studied Lucas.

“Yeah. Please.” Lucas fell into the game, knowing exactly how this went down in dozens of his fantasies and helpless against the need to make it reality.

“Be my guest.” He handed Lucas the soap then turned so Lucas was faced with the long, lean muscles of Cody’s back.

Starting at his shoulders, Lucas soaped him up, making careful circles as he explored.

“Mmmm. You should get a job at a spa.” Cody stretched and spun around. Even though Cody had already washed his chest, Lucas couldn’t resist touching. “Did I say you could keep going?” Cody’s voice was light, the perfect blend of tease and stern.


“Touch my nipples. Play with them.” Oh God. The metal of Cody’s nipple ring slid against Lucas’s finger. He gave it a soft flip. “You want to keep touching, you need to do better than that.”

Lucas rolled the non-pierced nipple between his fingers, pulling a little.

Cody moaned, his hand returning to his dick. He stroked faster now, hard pulls that made the head disappear at the top of each stroke. Lucas snaked his free hand down, pausing right above Cody’s groin.

“Mmmm.” Cody leaned back against the tile. “You want to touch?”

Lucas nodded.

“Oh you can do better than that.” Cody tugged his dick again, bumping Lucas’s palm on the upstroke. “Ask me.”

“Please. Let me touch it.”

“You sure you want to? Wouldn’t want to corrupt you.” Cody’s grin said he was thoroughly enjoying doing just that.

“Yes. Please.”

Cody’s hand fell away. Lucas traced one finger down Cody’s dick. It was familiar and exotic at the same time—after all, he’d spent enough time with his own dick in his fist to know how one felt. But holding Cody’s felt different—adrenaline raced through his veins and his own dick throbbed. He traced the thick vein that wrapped around the shaft of Cody’s dick—almost like a tattoo.  He wanted to feel it on his tongue.

“Jack me, or I’ll do it myself.” Cody’s eyes were closed and his head rested against the tiled wall, but his tone was bossy as ever.

Working with what he liked, Lucas stroked him slowly. Cody’s hand closed around his own, and Lucas almost came from the contact. Yes. This was what he wanted—Cody taking what he wanted from him, showing him how to get him off, making Lucas earn the privilege of doing it on his own. His ass clenched. Need swept over him, hotter and swifter than the spray from the shower.

“Touch me.” His voice was low he wasn’t sure he could be heard over the shower.

“Hmm?” Cody opened one eye. He reached his free hand toward Lucas, resting it on his stomach. “You need something.”

“Touch me.”

“Eh.” Cody shrugged. “How about you do it yourself? I’m feeling lazy.” He laughed, clearly enjoying the game. Not that Cody had to work hard to be selfish enough to turn Lucas’s crank.

“If I touch it, I’ll come.”

“So much for your stamina.” Cody laughed again. He stroked up and down Lucas’s torso, toying briefly with his nipples. Enough of that and Lucas might come even without a hand on his dick. “If I get you off, will you go running again tomorrow?”

“Yes.” There wasn’t much he wouldn’t do to get Cody’s hand on his dick.  Right. That. Second.

“You sure?” The hand covering Lucas’s increased the pressure, speeding up.

“God. Yes.” Lucas let out a string of curses. He leaned in, trying to bump Cody’s hand with his dick, or rub up against him. Get some friction. Something. Anything. Now.

With a sly laugh, Cody finally grabbed Lucas’s dick. He released Lucas’s hand, pulling him closer instead. One stroke. Two. Lucas tightened his grip, no longer needing Cody’s instruction. Cody liked a tight, fast pull and Luca gave it to him, resting his head on Cody’s shoulder as their rhythms synced. Harmony. He came on a laugh, spurting all over Cody’s hand. Cody thrust his hips forward, driving his cock through Lucas’s grip. Fuck me. Lucas squeezed his ass muscles as his dick pulsed again, the last shudders leaving him propped against Cody. He fucked Lucas’s fist hard and fast as he shot all over Lucas’s side.

“I win.” Cody laughed.

“What?” Lucas’s eyes drifted closed. He could almost sleep right here. Hot water hitting his chest, Cody warm behind him.

“You didn’t outlast me.” Cody squirted shampoo on his hand and started soaping Lucas’s hair. Somehow it felt more intimate than his hand on Lucas’s dick. “You’ve still got to prove this I-can-go-an-hour thing to me. Maybe I’ll try forbidding you from coming next time.”

Next time. Lucas’s dick stirred both at the idea of a repeat and at how well Cody had him figured out. He gulped.

“Oh yeah. We’re totally playing it that way next time.” He leaned down, biting Lucas’s shoulder. “Rinse.”

Playing. That’s all they were doing, and Lucas needed to remember that. He wanted to keep doing this. Hell. He was through pretending he was strong enough to call this off completely, but he had to be smart about it. Get off without getting stupid. He’d have all Fall to regret things and to try to straighten out the mess he’d made of his moral code—but in the meantime, the hottest guy he’d ever known was pretty much offering to enact his jerk-off fantasies? Yeah. He wasn’t going to turn that down. He’d stay a virgin. Stay smart. Not let Cody push him—or his heart—too far.

“Think you can give it another go?”

“Maybe.” Lucas’s dick got half-hard at the brush of Cody’s hand on the back of his head.

“I meant one more time on the arrangement.” Cody reached down and gave Lucas’s dick a friendly squeeze. “I need sleep hella bad. But I need to win more.”

This was  just a break with orgasms. Cody’s real focus hadn’t shifted. Lucas had to remember that—couldn’t make the mistake again of making this any more than that.

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